Quickly close the clean-air gap in tenant spaces with Brio’s patented in-room air purification technology. Brio’s advanced technology removes damaging ultrafine particles including viruses, smoke, dust, pollen, and mold. And unlike HEPA, Brio’s airflow stays at peak with no filter clogging. Brio reduces HVAC usage and cost and lowers annual filter replacement expense and maintenance.

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Close the HVAC gap with Brio, the innovative air purifier

Upgrading your HVAC system can be expensive and time consuming. With Brio, improvement can happen immediately—as a first step, a supplement, or an adaptable long-term solution for better indoor air quality.Brio's innovative, patented technology means no filter clogging, so you save time and money, effectiveness stays high, and your air stays clean.Designed to close the gap between your HVAC and clean indoor air, Brio does what HEPA can't.


Brio saves you money, year after year, with effective, long-life APART Collection Cartridges.


UL listed and California Air Resources Board certified ozone safe, peace of mind along with clean air.


Brio fits in, with a compact footprint, a clean, contemporary style, and a polished chrome base.

At last. The in-room air purifier you've been waiting for.

Brio's smarter technology delivers a constant, clean airflow for better indoor air quality all day, every day. HEPA air purifiers can't make the same promise.Designed to clean the air in homes and offices, Brio removes invisible airborne viruses, mold spores, smoke, dust, pollen, pet dander, and other ultrafine pollutants quickly and effectively. And—unlike HEPA air purifiers—Brio does so without filter clogging or performance drop off. Brio's patented Advanced Particle Removal Technology, developed by scientists at the University of Washington, also saves time and money with high-capacity, long-life filter cartridges.

Get peak performance with Brio's patented technology

Deep air cleaning begins with 360-degree air intake at Brio's elevated base.The Pre-Filter traps larger, visible particles, pet hair, and debris.Brio's powerful fan draws pollutants through the Particle Charger where they gain an electrostatic charge.Charged particles are drawn out of the airflow and trapped in the APART Collection Cartridge for later for disposal.Before returning purified air to the room, Brio's Refresh Plus Filter removes ambient ozone to keep your air safe.

Brio removes damaging ultrafine particles as small as 10 nm including viruses, mold, and dust, without filter clogging. So Brio stays at peak performance with less filter cost and maintenance expense.

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With decades of university research and development experience, our company is focused on transformational air purification technologies with broad applications for institutional, commercial, and consumer markets.

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